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Lane system includes synthetic overlay, MDF, I-beam, capping, gutter and accessories.


Xima has the world's largest production line of synthetic bowling lanes. Except fit with Xima pin setter, a large number of synthetic lanes are sold to the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia etc. to replace the original maple lanes. Compared to the maple lane, the advantage of synthetic lane is easy to maintain, long service life, so it is widely welcomed by users.


Xima synthetic lane was approved by USBC (the United States Bowling Congress), you can verify it through the following link:


Xima synthetic lane offers various patterns like non glow, full glow, diamond glow, high-way glow etc. brings different experience and pleasure to customers.



  • Diamond Glow Lanes
  • Full Glow Lanes
  • Highway Glow Lanes
  • Track Glow Lanes
  • Regular Lanes
  • Pin Deck