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Automatic scoring system records the players score, games and time. Management system can control the whole bowling alley equipments, monitoring, print bills, business daily report, monthly statements and so on.

The scoring system includes 32" LCD overhead display, 17" LCD console, cameras, foul detector and management system.

Xima automatic scoring software is developed by China-Korea cooperation. The hardware has adopted Electronic Components of Japanese Omron, Lenovo and other well-known brand products. The interface is vivid, easy to operate, stable performance, which can meet the daily practice and tournament require.

In particular, Xima automatic scoring system has the unique Cheer Effect. It consists of laser lights, strobes and advanced loudspeaker. The system will voice shouts and cheers automatically when strike, with lights flashing at the same time. The glow masking and glow lane enhance the cheer effect, bringing the bowler a great deal of shock and pleasure, to make your bowling alley more attractive and profitable. The cheer effect is created by Xima, it is the only one on market and widely welcomed by the users.


Xima automatic scoring system was approved by the USBC (the U.S. Bowling Congress),verify it through the following link:


  • 17' LCD Console
  • 32' LCD Overhead Display
  • Cheer Effect
  • Computer CPU
  • Scoring Cartoon
  • Scoring Cartoon