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Beijing Xima bowling equipment is based on the American and German technology. After 10 plus years’ digestion, absorption and innovation, it has formed its own characteristics. Products are exported all over the world, competing with the United States brands on the same stage and received wide welcome.

Automatic pin setter system is the core component of bowling equipment. Xima pin setter system was approved  by USBC (the UnitedStates Bowling Congress) as early as 2001. Verify through the following link:


Xima automatic pin setter has the following features:


High Speed


The new generation of Xima pin setter take avariety of  abroad bowling equipment advantages,to make pin setter, pin elevator and ball return system achieve a perfect unity,it has the undisputed high-speed.


Stable Performance


Xima new generation of bowling equipment emphasizes on practicality in design. The mechanical structure includes steel,aluminum and alloy structure, to make it more rugged. Electromechanical integration control system makes the equipment more convenient to operate, low failure rate, thus greatly improved utilization of equipment.


 Convenient Maintenance


Xima new generation of bowling equipment modular design makes the components structure simple and reasonable, easy to maintain.After trained by Xima experts, you can easy operate and maintain bowling equipment.

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